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I’ve always been a collage artist, but my collages became a more serious and passionate endeavor while I was making my documentary “Hunter’s Thunder” (working title) about real-life serendipity that led to an unlikely, deep, and healing friendship that uncovers a long silenced secret and explores and celebrates how women heal and hold one another up.

By entering into the world of the collage and the stories that grew out of those imaginings, my collages became one of the tools used in my film to facilitate healing, creating a vision, safe and beautiful, exciting, sensual, full of life, color, and joy and… “Storyboards by Melora Hardin” wallpaper was born. We can customize, colorize and use any portion of the collage you resonate with. You can have the entire collage cover a wall like a mural or choose one or two sections of the collage to have cover walls.


A Fine Art Collage Afternoon:
Melora Hardin's Exhibition at Gallery Le Royer, Montreal

On November 4th, creativity and imagination took center stage as Melora Hardin unveiled her exquisite collection of collages. If you couldn’t join us for this inspiring afternoon at the gallery LeRoyer in Old Montreal, you can now enjoy the experience on her website. Dive into Melora’s captivating world of collage artistry from the comfort of your home and experience the unveiling as if you were there.

Melora’s creations are celebrated for their bewitching allure and radiant charm. Her masterful manipulation of textures and layers breathes life into each collage, casting a spell of light and shadow that mesmerizes and invites the viewer into a narrative tapestry of wonder. The opening was not just an exhibition but a vivid celebration of Melora’s ingenious knack for storytelling through imagery, presenting works that pulse with life and demand to be explored.

Acting Career

Hardin is an American actress, singer, and director from Houston, Texas, who has been acting professionally since she was 6 years old and is known for playing Jan Levinson from ‘The Office’ and Trudy Monk from ‘Monk’. You also may recognize Melora from Movies like ‘The Rocketeer’, ’27 Dresses’, ’17 Again’, ‘Hannah Montana: The Movie’, as well as TV in ‘Transparent’ (for which she received an Emmy Nomination), ‘A Million Little Things’ & ‘The Bold Type’ and many more.


The Office

Love Classified

Hannah Montana


The Bold Type

Award Winning Movie Golden Vanity

“Golden Vanity” was selected as the opening feature film at the Burbank International Film Festival where it played to a large, thoroughly engaged, audience, and I am so honored to tell you that I won the ‘Best Actor’ for my portrayal of Mabel Montgomery Mayflower and the film won ‘The Audience Award for Best Feature Film’!
The film will also screen virtually at the 2023 Women’s Independent Film & Television Festival Oct 1-4th and I will be attending the screenings of Golden Vanity on Nov 7th & 8th at the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival.  If you happen to in town I’d love to see you there.

Melora's New Movie "Clock"

Melora’s new movie Clock has been released on Hulu. Melora’s also been in many other feature films including “Hannah Montana: The Movie”, “17 Again”, “Thank You for Smoking,” “Absolute Power” opposite Clint Eastwood & Gene Hackman and “27 Dresses” and she stars in the first one woman movie ever made, “Golden Vanity”, as Mabel Montgomery, an iconic child star a la Judy Garland. The film is currently being submitted to festivals. 


Melora made her Broadway debut in CHICAGO as ‘Roxie Hart’ . She also played ‘Fantine’ in “Les Miserables” at the Hollywood Bowl. Other theatre includes “My Children My Africa” written and directed by Athol Fugard, and “Appropriate”, by Branden Jacobs Jenkins at The Mark Taper Forum. 

Melora's Music


Melora has also recorded 3 albums. 2 of her original songs, “PURR”, “The Meloradrama” and, her 3rd album, “All The Way To Mars” has both original songs and covers. All are available on Spotify. 


Art and Wallpapers:
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Old Montreal, Canada
Montreal, Canana
Old Montreal, Canada
Old Montreal, Canada
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